Man Tosses Gigantic Bath Ball Into A Pool, and This Happens


What would be the outcome if you took an enormous homemade bath bomb with a weight above 400kg and tossed it into a pool? Multiple researchers from Vat19, a YouTube channel decided they would discover the answer to the question.

They came to a conclusion to carry out a day-long experiment and the outcome was incredible!

Find out how it all went down on the pages that follow.

The Big Idea


Members of the Vat19 team usually carry out really absurd experiments. They have built a following of over 7 million viewers, thanks to their strange tricks. And their followers enjoy watching their videos.

They frequently invite viewers to suggest things to try out in the upcoming videos.

When an idea was suggested By one of the subscribers, the team agreed to try it out.

A Sizzling ball.


The usual effervescent ball is almost the same size as a tennis ball. It’s the same ball that measured a half metre in both width and length.

For anyone who has no clue on what an effervescent ball is, this explanation would help.

When this ball is put into water, it sizzles.

The Magic bath Glob


Another name for an effervescent ball is a bath bomb. Its constituents are essential oils, herbs or flower extracts and sodium carbonate.

If you toss an effervescent ball into water, it would bubble and release colored foam

Seeing as an effervescent ball melts in warm water, it releases its scent into the water causing it to smell great.

Constituents and Types


Although the market is filled with various kinds of effervescent balls, they’re all basically made with citric acid and baking soda.

All sorts of bath bombs with various tastes and fragrances – siny balls that sparkle, the ones that are called big blue balls (the ones that turn the water blue) and effervescent balls that smell like candies for kids

The Vat19 team made a special type of ball.

Dissecting The Idea


Creating a gigantic fizz ball would be a pretty big deal because nobody had ever tried something like that

They wanted to get the ball to ease into the water slowly, coloring it and releasing amazing scents.

Would they be successful?

The Making Process


They had to find out the effect the ball would have on the water when tossed in.

This is the making process for a fizz ball weighing 400 kg. First step was to craft a custom mold in which they could pour in all the different ingredients.

They made use of fiberglass to give the shape a papier-mache likeness.

Molding the Giant Fizz Ball


Now that the mold was ready, the ingredients for the effervescent balls were mixed with water in a concrete mixer. Two Vat19 members stirred the substance using large wooden rods.

As soon as they had prepared the mold, they mixed the constituents of the fizz balls with water inside a concrete mixer.

Sun-drying the mixture was the Next step.

Finishing Touches


With very little time left before the fizz ball was ready, the team needed to cut out the excess and it had to be done meticulously.

This turned out to be a bit more challenging than was anticipated because the team was trying to ensure the ball did not come to ruin.

If that happened, all their hard work would have been for nothing.

Prepared to Launch


Their carefulness helped preserve the ball and it was ready without any issues. It was time to find out the truth.

But they had to get the heavy fizz ball to the pool’s edge. They used a handcart to pull it off.

But did it work?

Tossing The Ball


On getting to the pool’s edge, one of the team members tossed it into the water.

As soon as the ball hit the water, it began a chemical reaction.

The water changed color immediately.

Results are In


One of the team members exclaimed “Cool!” and jumped in the water.

After a while, the bomb had melted completely and the experimenters were very pleased with the outcome of their experiment. The entire three days spent working on it paid off.

See the video of the experiment.

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Man’s Best Friend Turns Dangerous Enemy: 3 Shocking Stories of Dogs Attacking Their Owners

It’s become common to refer to dogs as man’s best friend. But what happens when Man’s best friend becomes his enemy? What can make your dog turn against you.

This is not to say that all dogs are killers or that they could just turn on you at any point. Perhaps, it could help turn out attention more to our pets and learn to hear them when they try to communicate with us.

If only these victims had received the memo ahead of time…

Below are three heartbreaking and shocking stories of dog owners who suffered traumatic experiences at the hands (well, teeth, actually) of their dogs.

Bethany Stephens from Virginia, USA.

In 2017, BBC news reported the death of a 22-year old woman named Bethany Stephens from Virginia in the United States.. The shocking part about her death was that it was orchestrated By her two pit bulls.

Bethany had raised the dogs right from when they were puppies. It therefore begs the question of why. She was no stranger to the dogs and was good to them according to her friends… Or wasn’t she?

Elaborating on the tragic incident, BBC and another news site said, Bethany was taking her dogs for a walk when they turned on her and were found still chewing on her body which they had mauled without mercy.

Well, it’s sad that the truth died with poor Bethany. And who knows what happened to her dogs?

Brenda Guerrero, Tampa

It’s a bit odd that a lot of stories of dogs turning on their owners are Related to pitbulls specifically. Perhaps, it’s a track record that should influence your choice when you visit the pet store to get a new “best friend”.

Scarface was a pitbull that received a lot of love from its owner. Perhaps, a bit too much?

According to a, the pitbull attacked 52-year old Brenda Guerrero as she attempted to put a sweater on him. Her husband and son tried to intervene but they received their own share of the biting. Animal control had to come, taser and take the dog away after Brenda and her family found a way to draw away from the dangerous animal.

Young Yegor, Ukraine

A 2-year old toddler named Yegor died tragically from a vicious dog attack. It was his birthday and his parents were attending to guests inside the house. According to the news source, the child had walked outside to play oblivious to his parents and it coincided with the time their family dog broke free from its chains.

Little Yegor was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. But sadly, he didn’t survive.

The child’s parents have been charged with parental neglect. If only the German Shepherd that killed the child could face the law…

So, are dogs really man’s best friend? Because while there are many cute photos online, it doesn’t erase the news of these attacks and killings. Animal experts have said that dogs show signs before they attack. However, the owners often miss those signs.

Statistics have also shown that certain breeds are more likely to exhibit heightened aggressiveness than others, Example is the pit bull.

This is a call for dog owners to be vigilant and attentive.

Catch Your Favorite Female Athletes on The Red Carpet

Most times, when we see our favorite athletes, they’re donning the usual tracksuit but a lot of them sure know how to glam things up when the occasion calls for it, say like a medal or award to be won.

And there’s always something to be won somewhere, the red carpet inclusive.

A great many of the gymnasts, tennis players, wrestlers and soccer players we like have carved their names in the pop culture Hall of Fame because of their remarkable feats. As a result, they are present at several award ceremonies, premieres and red carpet events. They undoubtedly look like the Hollywood elite.

Ashley Wagner (Figure Skating)

Ashley Wagner (Figure Skating)

Lovers of figure skating surely are familiar with the name, Ashley Wagner. The athlete has bagged a number of first-place medals at the international level of figure skating. At the 2014 Winter Olympics that took place in Sochi, she won a bronze medal for the American team.

A year after the Olympics, Wagner was given the chance to man the Nickelodeon Kids “Choice Sports Awards as one of the presenters and she acted accordingly as was required of her. She showed up in a short pink top over a vibrant multi-colored skirt; a perfect match with her personality!

Alex Morgan (Football)

Alex Morgan (Football)

Alex Morgan built a reputation as one of the US women’s national football team players at the FIFA Women’s Word Cup in 2019.

Winning the world cup brought Morgan to limelight as one of her nation’s heroes and thus she received an invitation to attend the MTV Video Music Award after a few weeks. She showed up looking elegant in a radiant pink dress with a large bow.

Becky Lynch (Luta)

Becky Lynch (Luta)

If you’re a devoted fan of WWE, you would be familiar with the name, Becky Lynch, the current Raw champion. Her wrestling career started in 2002 in her country of origin, Ireland. However, it wasn’t until after 10 years that she got signed in to WWE and becoming a renowned fighter.

Lynch took part in the ACM Awards with other WWE celebrities and she took her A-game with her. This star stormed the red carpet donning a two-piece and glowing more than most of the superstars who were in attendance

Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

Maria Sharapova is a well-renowned tennis player, one of the best in her generation having scored the #1 five times in the WTA. She is the only player to have won the four Grand Slams for Russia. She also has Olympic medals to her name.

For more than 15 years, the limelight has been on Sharapova as she has been buddies with the Hollywood elite. She has accompanied Vanity Fair stars to the Oscars a number of times. In this photo, she’s in attendance in the year 2019, sporting a ruffled dress and Stuart Weitzman heels.

Jennie Finch (Softball)

Jennie Finch (Softball)

Time magazine has named Jennie Finch history’s most popular softball player and with good reason too. In 2004, she led the US national softball team to victory winning a gold medal ad in 2008, they brought home a silver medal, both at the Olympic Games. two years after, she went into retirement.

After retiring, she didn’t take a back seat from the spotlight as she was in attendance at the 2014 ESPY Awards. She donned a gorgeous navy blue dress with a playful print and stick sandals.

Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis)

Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis)

Caroline Woziniacki is the first player from a Scandinavian country to top the list in the women’s ranking. She has 30 WTA single player titles to her name through the years. After the 2020 Australia Open, she openly declared her decision to retire.

After attaining stardom as a tennis player, Woziniacki received invitations to several upper crust events, including the Met Gala in 2016. She attended wearing a stunning dress By Prabal Gurung with her pretty blond hair falling on her shoulders.

Anastasia Yankova (MMA)

Anastasia Yankova (MMA)

Anastasia Yankova was inspired to become a fighter By an obsession she’d had since childhood. The movie, Xena: Warrior Princess, inspired her to become skilled in mixed martial arts as a teenager. She also participated in the Flyweight division of Bellator MMA.

It wasn’t long before Yankova got a sponsorship from Nike and began to attend elite gatherings. In this photo, she’s in attendance at the 10th Annual Guys Choice Awards organized By Spice TV. She dons an cute little monkey playsuit. This shows off her wonderful tattoos.

Candace Parker (Basketball)

Candace Parker (Basketball)

If you’re trying to recall why Candace Parker’s last name rings a bell, it’s because her elder brother is Anthony Parker, the NBA player. She took after him and made huge success in the WNBA team known as the Los Angeles Sparks. She has also won two gold medals for the United States at the Olympics.

Parker attends the NBA Awards frequently. She shocked everyone at the 2017 event when she rocked the red carpet in a regal black gown with a pair of velvety sandals and a choker to match.

Nastia Liukin (Gymnastics)

Nastia Liukin (Ginástica)

US history has recorded Nastia Liukin as one of the most successful artistic gymnast. Nastia has won five medals, all in the year 2008. At the Summer Games in Beijing, she won three silver medals and one bronze medal.

After her retirement, Liukin stayed in the spotlight, her physique still intact. One of her unforgettable looks was at the ESPY 2018 where she turned up in a pretty short dress sporting a plunging neckline. The best part were the flowers in her hair.

Anastasia Ashley (Surf)

Anastasia Ashley (Surf)

Anastasia Ashley decided to try out surfing when she was just 5 years old and she developed a great love for the sport immediately. She took a head plunge into it for the long term and began winning big titles as a teenager.

In 2014, Ashley caught the attention of The Sports Illustrated and they put her in their May issue that same year. They continued to work together and in 2016, she alongside other stars attended the 50 Fashionable NYC event. She didn’t fail to impress in her little black dress.

Barbara Blank (Luta)

Barbara Blank (Luta)

Barbara Blank is popular especially amongst WWE fans but with the stage name of “Kelly Kelly”. In 2011, she won the WWE Divas championship but her reign lasted for four months as she chose to go into retirement in 2012. However, it didn’t deter her from making an appearance on Raw Reunion and bagging the title of first female WWE Championship winner.

Blank added TV fame to her belt as well By taking part in reality shows, specifically WAGS. In this photo, she’s wearing a simple and stunning red dress to the US Network Approved Characters Awards.

Urszula Radwanska (Tennis)

Urszula Radwanska (Tennis)

Majority of those who know Urszula associate her with her elder sister, Agnieszka Radwanska, a skilled polish tennis player. She attained success as a junior player when she won the 2007 women’s Wimbledon matches.

Asides her impressive success as a tennis player, Radwanska revealed her surprisingly wonderful personal style. This elegant emerald dress could easily score her a spot on the best dressed list of any major red carpet gathering.

Engineers Drain Niagara Falls, Make Jaw-dropping Discovery in 1969

A group of engineers accomplished a great feat in June 1969. Even with the task seeming impossible, they drew out every drop of water in Niagara Falls, putting it on the list of one of the world’s most popular tourist centers. However, the drainage revealed a hidden under the rocks beneath.

A Glimpse of the Story

Tourists troop into the area in their millions yearly, watching the swirling waters in admiration. It reminds them of Mother Nature’s power. However, about 50 years ago, the waters drained to all but a trickle as engineers carried out an investigation on something happening at the site.

A Glimpse of the Story

In that instance, man showed higher power than nature, displaying the possibilities that can be achieved with engineering. As the waters dwindled, a never-seen before sight materialized before the eyes of tourists and passersBy. It turned out that the waters had been covering something unsettling.

The Birth of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls and it’s mystery came into being about 18 millennia ago when moving ice sheets cut deep into the landscape that formed North America. As the ice melted, it became a fall flowing down to the Niagara River, breaking down the surrounding cliffs and creating the widely known attraction we all love, even with its unsettling secret.

Niagara Falls

Today, Niagara Falls is situated at the border shared By the United States and Canada, scoring a spot on the list of the world’s most outstanding landmarks. There are no records that tell when humans discovered this place. Although, history has no written record of this, chances are high that the natives of that area saw the incredible place first.

The Discovery of A Natural Wonder

While it is true that in the 17th century, Samuel de Champlain, a French traveler, heard about a huge waterfall in that area, Niagara wasn’t in the records till 1678 when Europeans first mentioned it. That same year, Father Louis Hennepin saw the amazing sight himself on his voyage into New France.

Hennepin’s “A New Discovery”

Five years after Hennepin had stumbled on the falls, he released a publication titled “A New Discovery”. In it, he talked about his finding in detail. It was stated therein that the name Niagara originated from an Iroquoian word – Onguiaahra which translates to “the strait”. This was the first appearance of the name. With this knowledge, Westerners were visiting the area more and more.

The Herald of Industry

In the 1800s, the number of people Travelling the railroad increased, hence, Niagara Falls grew into a tourist attraction. Following this development, a string of amenities were created to provide for the needs of the increasing number of visitors. Some of these people were couples on their honeymoon. But the hotel business wasn’t the only enterprise that thrived there.

Hydroelectric expansion

At the close of the 19th century, it dawned on industrialists that the water cascading down the falls could be used to create electricity for their mills and factories. Hence, 1895 was the year a hydroelectric generating station was built in the area and it was the first of its kind in the world.

Updates to The Innovation

While the station was an incredibly helpful invention, the electricity it generated could go no farther than 300 feet. Thanks to Nikolas Tesla who in 1896 updated the invention. With his knowledge on alternating current, he succeeded in spreading the power over 20 miles away such that it got to Buffalo, New York.

Tesla’s Innovation

Tesla’s alternating current induction motor was iconic and his experiments at Niagara were the earliest recorded use of a system that takes electricity to different parts of the world. Even after a 100 years, the falls still generate hydroelectricity with plants that can generate a whooping 2.4 million kilowatts of power.

The Attraction

Now, Niagara Falls sits between two countries – the part that falls in the U.S. side and the Canadian part. And both countries see an influx of tourists numbering up to 30 million. The falls usually reach a crescendo and lucky visitors observe as the water cascades down at six million cubic feet per minute!

The Secret Diversion

However, it’s intriguing to note that at night, the water rushing down the falls reduces significantly. The reason is that an agreement was signed in 1959 allowing local establishments to divert a higher level of the flow to their hydroelectric plants at specific times when there would be minimum impact on the incredible view. The volume of the falls have been changed at other times through the years.

A Different Look

An example is its appearance in 2019 when the cold temperature caused it to freeze at various points, giving it a very different look. Although, there was still a flow of water over the frozen edges, a large part of it vaporized before getting to the basin. And though, this is a recurrent occurrence through the years, experts are insistent on the opinion that the flow never ceases.

The three-Part Waterfall

So, has the Fall ever been brought to a total stop? Well, only a part of it. The world-renowned attraction consists of three different waterfalls: The Horseshoe waterfalls which is spread between the border of both the U.S. and Canada, as well as the two smaller ones which is completely on the U.S. side named the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

Growing Concerns

But By the year 1965, habitants of Niagara Falls New York had become worried that the part of the attraction situated on their land was becoming less and less enchanting. The main source of concern was that the talus deposit – the rocks that gather in the basin of a waterfall- was increasing. The talus seemed to be stopping the water from falling in a drop. Some people were of the opinion that this was interfering with the aesthetic charm of the American Falls.

Concerns and A Campaign

In 1965, on the 31st day of January, an article was published in the Niagara Falls Gazette newspaper pointing out the issue. The article had the complaints of local journalist, Cliff Spieler who insisted that if the erosion continued, the loss of the American Falls was imminent. Not long after, the citizens began a campaign to save the Falls, the emphasis being that the government should find a way around the problem.

A coalition

In the hopes of finding solutions to the issue, the American and Canadian governments liaised and reached out to the International Joint Commission (IJC) – a regulatory body overseeing affairs concerning water bodies that are shared. However, while the IJC deliberated in an attempt to find a solution, an operation was launched temporarily to Prevent any rubble from crashing into the falls from the water at the top.

The diversion

To do this, it was important to redirect the water flow of the American Falls first. Hence, on the 13th of November, 1966, a smart plan was implemented. At the top, the International Water Control Dam was driven to maximum capacity with its gates completely open to let in the current. Simultaneously, operations at the hydroelectric generators were in full swing.


The outcome of these steps was a drastic decrease in the quantity of water flowing down, from a huge 60,000 gallons to only 15,000 per second. With the recession of the river, workers trudged out to commence the clearing I’d the rubble. At that moment, the USACE (U.S Army Corps of Engineers) officials swooped in to study the open bed closely.

Diver Discovers Old Airplanes Beneath The Pacific and Uncovers The Mystery Behind Them

Every scuba diver and photographer that works beneath the waters dreams of making an interesting discovery beneath the seas. It was the same for Brandi Mueller who encountered several astonishing locations but not any sunken treasures or ruins. As the years rolled By, the lady began to believe that she was not destined to make a discovery of such importance.

Tag it destiny or fate or whatever but the story took a different turn during a supposedly mundane vacation to the Marshall Islands. When she was on a dive, one of the days, Mueller’s attention was drawn to a weird object embedded on the seabed. On moving closer, the photographer made a fascinating life-changing discovery! She had been itching to find something iconic but this was not what she envisaged at all.

Dream Of A Lifetime. A Lifelong Goal

Brandi Mueller grew an obsession with two things; the seas and photography – right from her childhood days in Cameron, Wisconsin. At a much younger age, she always got her family to vacation on islands surrounded By seas and when she turned 15, she already had the makings of an excellent diver. In recent times, she stated that she had learnt scuba diving as a 15-year old foreign exchange student in New Zealand.

The enthusiastic sea diver had a dream of discovering something ground-breaking; something so big it would go down in history. If only she knew that such a day was closer than anticipated…

Bravely Serving Her Country. A Brave Patriotic Citizen.

Underwater WW2 Plane Graveyard

To quell her growing hunger for the waters, Mueller joined the U.S. Coast Guard immediately after high school. As a member of the Coast Guard, she visited some of the world’s greatest ports. According to her, she’s been quite fortunate with her trips. She said that as a diver, she went to the Caribbean, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos including numerous other places.

Afterwards, Mueller offered diving classes and brought others in on her passion for the seas. She also learnt the rudiments of piloting a boat. She stated that she grew t become Divemaster while in college and began giving diving instruction lessons as soon as she graduated. She revealed that she just happened to learn how to captain a boat while working as an instructor and guide. But these experiences combined together couldn’t have prepared the young woman for what she would find deep in the Pacific Ocean.

An Amazing Photographer

Brandi Mueller Photographer Discovery

Although, it seems Mueller developed a passion for diving out of the blue, her interest in and love for photography was impacted By her parents. Actually, she made a hobBy out of it By taking photos of nature with her parents’ camera. At age 15, her eyes had become trained to catch details. Her amazing diving skills in combination with her ability to skillfully handle a camera would make her into a maven amongst nature photographers.

Mueller counts herself fortunate to be one of those whose careers align with their passion having received multiple awards and recognition from the National Geographic as well as the Smithsonian. However, she still had a desire to make a historic feat.

Mind-Blowing Dive Spots. Incredible Diving Locations.

Brandi Mueller Photographer Discovery

Mueller does not lack amazing spots to visit over and over, thanks to the many experiences she has in her arsenal. She revealed that she has a special liking for diving through wrecks and ruins. She continued, saying that the Chuuk Micronesia which was known as the Truk Lagoon where a big WW II battle held is home to several crashed planes, wrecked ships and other war items. According to her, those war ships have become reefs underneath the healthy Micronesian waters an they are brimming outgrown soft corals as well as fish and other sea.

But Mueller wouldn’t make her greatest discovery at any of these awe-inspiring places. She bumped into her huge finding someplace distant from any regular vacation spot.

Off to Vacation

Brandi Mueller Photographer Discovery

After a decade of tutoring and working with the Coast Guard, Brandi Mueller who was 31 at the time took some time off to travel. Rather than going off to one of the diving locations she fancies the most, she chose to revisit a lovely location she had been to just once – The Marshall Islands. For those who haven’t heard, the Marshall Islands consist of a long, lean stretch of islands somewhere in the middle of Hawaii and the Philippines.

The first couple of days had Mueller doing the usual dives on the islands. Afterwards, she went with a friend to visit a new diving spot she heard about. It was located five miles away from the Roi-Namu island, not known By many divers.

A place Charted By Few Divers

Underwater WW2 Plane Graveyard

If the Marshall Islands is not on your list of visited places, know that its beauty is enchanting. Asides that, it’s a place filled with some of the most charming sites for a dive in the whole world with many shipwrecks and reefs abounding in sea life. It’s not surprising Mueller grew fond of taking a dive there.

But on that fateful day, Mueller was delving into an area only few divers had ever ventured into. Initially, things were looking regular. But then, a huge strange-looking form appeared before Mueller in the water underneath her.

Something Down Below

As you could picture, Mueller felt a rush of fear and keen anticipation when she noticed the huge forms below. This could be the diver’s dream discovery. Then again, thoughts of horrors lurking beneath the seas flooded her as inspired By the movies; Jaws or The AByss. Yet, she dove to get a closer look at what she’d found.

On getting closer to the objects, they began to forma definite shape before Mueller. She saw huge, flat metal pieces hanging off bigger steel tubes. What sort of strange objects were these?

Going Up-close

Underwater WW2 Plane Graveyard

On getting closer to the unknown object, Mueller paused. In all her excitement, she didn’t remember to prep her camera!. It took a minute and she was ready to take shots of her discovery before moving along. While her fingers took the shots, her heart raced wildly and her breathing intensified, expressing her excitement about her latest find.

On getting to the object, she observed that the areas made of metal were not plain, rather, they appeared to be painted with a few colorful symbols. These symbols were the key to uncovering her finding undeath the ocean.

An Astonishing Discovery.

Underwater WW2 Plane Graveyard

As Brandi Mueller got closer and observed the symbols painted on the metal, it hit her that she was in fact looking at an airplane! A close-up view of the plane revealed that it had been there for a long time. But just how long? Mueller couldn’t tell. Other questions surfaced in her mind. She wondered why someone had abandoned a plane there and why it had not been found By anyone.

Although Mueller was aware that she had made a historic discovery, she didn’t know that that was just the beginning of her findings. On combing through the wreck, she kept uncovering more and more things.

A Graveyard About 70 Years Old?

Underwater WW2 Plane Graveyard

A swim around the plane brought Mueller face to face with another object, just By the side. it was a second plane! As she dove towards it, another came into sight! The planes were hundreds in number. Her heartbeat quickened again. Although, she had always wished to find a wreck that had not been discovered, never had she dreamed of finding a whole graveyard with with hundreds of them.

Mueller was perplexed to make such a discovery bearing in mind that such things ever rarely happened twice in one lifetime. With that in mind, her hands flew to her camera and she started taking photos. She later told MailOnline that it was named the Airplane Graveyard. As she went on with her exploration, the mysterious nature of the airplanes dawned on her.

5 Misleading Myths About Different Foods: Even Your Doctor May Have Believed Them

One of man’s basic needs in life is food. However, “carefree eating” has taken its toll on the health of countless many. This has lead to a barrage of information- true and untrue. Food myths are unavoidable.

Remember when we were told that Beans was purely a protein? Fatty foods make you fat? What about this one; Nuts cause acne. When you eventually find out the truth about these foods, you want to face-palm yourself and roll your eyes.

Well, here we are with 7 food myths that are annoying. Don’t be shocked if you heard one of these from your doctor at some point. We learn everyday.

Myth #1: Eating Raw Carrots Makes Your Eyes Healthy

Yes, yes, we all heard this one. Carrots are filled with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for the body, nt just the eyes. However, chomping down on raw carrots like rabbits isn’t the best way to get its nutrients. Research has shown that for carrots to release its nutrients, it has to be cooked!

Enough with the rabbit-inspired eating. Cook those carrots like the proper food that it is.

Myth #2: Coffee is Not So Good For Your Health

Too many people believe this right up to this moment and that’s because coffee contains caffeine. While there are bits of truth in that belief, it’s mostly a lie. Coffee is great for the body because it contains antioxidants that help the brain and body. The problem most coffee-drinkers have is that they become addicted.

Don’t forget all that sugar and cream you add to it – That’s where the real harm is!

Myth #3: Fatty Foods Make You Fat

That the class of food is called fats does not automatically mean it makes you fat. While there are unhealthy fats, a lot of foods contain healthy fats like your Omega-3 fatty acids and some cholesterol. Funny enough, if you want to lose weight, eating healthy fats is one way to do it. Fats will make you stay full for longer periods because they take more time to digest. Now, eat that!

Myth #4: Eggs Are Unhealthy

Eww! That lie stinks even more than an egg yolk. Eggs contain cholesterol in very little quantity and this is the basis on which the myth has stood. But eggs are very heart-friendly. They contain half the quantity of choline required By your brain each day. Also, recent studies have shown that cholesterol found in your food has very little effect on your blood cholesterol levels. Want some eggs now?

Myth #5: Red Meat Is Good For You

Meat, generally, are good sources of protein. Red meat has garnered a bad reputation because it is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular issues. Now, consuming red meat is not bad; consuming red meat excessively is.

It is true that it is an excellent source of protein but if you’re diabetic or hypertensive, it might be a great idea to cut it off partially or totally from your diet. All things being equal, balance is key.

Which of these myths did you believe before now? Do you still think you should hold on to them?

The Magical Girls of Harry Potter On And Off Set

The magical story of “the boy who lived” By J.K. Rowling is a timeless classic that captured millions of hearts. The women he met in the course of his life were just as enthralling. These women twisted and turned the entire Harry Potter narrative just as much as Harry himself regardless of the fact they the book is named after Harry.

The power females proved that there are warriors who take life-threatening risks daily. They showed incredible strength, brevity, and determination. They have become a source of inspiration to young girls and women all over the world, helping them dig out these qualities from within themselves to stand up for good and justice. If The Harry Potter series still gets you nostalgic, look at the power females who forsook their childhood to give life to the characters for millions of fans.

Clémence Poésy as Fleur Delacour

Clémence Poésy como Fleur Delacour

One of the enchanting characters the Goblet of Fire brought with the Triwizard Tournament was the “tres belle” Fleur Delacour, the representative from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. This beauty captured many hearts, especially Ron Weasley’s. Seeing as she ended up marrying his brother, Bill instead, things were a little awkward and his family found it challenging to accept her till she proved her mettle and earned their love.

Clémence Poésy – Today

Clémence Poésy - Hoje

Landing a role in the Harry Potter movie gave Clemence a plethora of opportunities as an actress and she got down to producing movies she had wanted since she was a child. She was supporting actress in highly rated movies like 127 Hours and In Bruges. She later went on to become the lead actress in a TV series called the Tunnel.

Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

Evanna Lynch como Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood was one of Hogwart’s interesting and strange students. However, she was very knowledgeable, kind and very sincere. Regardless of the taunts and teasing she suffered from other students, she remained her eccentric self. Because of this, she became a strong young woman who stood her ground and never betrayed her friends.

Evanna Lynch – Today

Although, Lynch has held on to her acting career, the character of Luna Lovegood remains the most outstanding she has played. She has taken up roles in other movies like the indie dram titled My Name Is Emily. Lynch stays busy in helping promote health habits of maintaining good body image and self-esteem.

Afshan Azad as Padma Patil

Afshan Azad como Padma Patil

Padma Patil was one of the students in Harry’s year at Hogwarts alongside her twin, Parvati. However, they were sorted into different houses. Padma was a Ravenclaw but it didn’t deter her from getting close to Harry. She went to the Yule ball with Harry and her other friends. She was also a part of Dumbledore’s army and joined her friends to fight at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Afshan Azad – Today

Afshan Azad - Hoje

While on the Harry Potter set, Afshan Azad forged wonderful friendships. However, it wasn’t enough inspiration to make her take a plunge into full-time acting. In 2010, she was traumatized By her father and brother when they attacked her for dating a man who didn’t belong to their religion. Her family may not be on her side but Azad has the support and loyalty of her friends and thousands of fans all around the world.

Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall

Maggie Smith como Minerva McGonagall

Dame Maggie Smith was cast By JK Rowling to play the character of one of Hogwarts’ most powerful females and the decision turned out to be the best. Minerva McGonagall was a great teacher with little sense of humor. She was extremely kind and considerate but tough. Her softer traits were only manifest in tough circumstances but she was the favorite teacher at Hogwarts because of them.

Maggie Smith – Today

Maggie Smith - Today

Before being cast in the Harry Potter set, Dame Smith already had to Oscar awards to her name and was a renowned actress in the movie world in Britain. Harry Potter ushered her in to a new generation. While playing the role in the magical story, Smith got a breast cancer diagnosis and recovered before the series ended. Afterwards, she went on to become the shining star in the hit series; Downtown Abbey as the gruff Violet Crawley. This garnered her several awards for her outstanding performance.

Emma Thompson as Sybill Trelawney

Emma Thompson como Sybill Trelawney

Emma Thompson decided to play the character of Sybill Trelawney, the fortune teller for the sake of her four-year-old daughter. The latter didn’t easily recognize her mother because of the thick glasses and hippie clothes she had on. However, Emma’s time was shortened because Dolores Umbridge fired Trelawney after she concluded that the fortune teller didn’t just fit in. Trelawney’s loyalty to the school didn’t wane and she still helped defend it when the Battle of Hogwarts happened.

Emma Thompson – Today

Emma Thompson – Today

Having toed a similar path with Maggie Smith, Emma Thompson known for her starring role in Love Actually already bagged two Oscars before she was cast in the Harry Potter series. Continuing in the path of success afterwards was no challenge for her especially having being cast as Mary Poppins. Emma isn’t just passionate about acting. She’s also a brilliant writer, having worked on two Peter Rabbit books.

Katie Leung as Cho Chang

Katie Leung como Cho Chang

Katie Leung had a life-changing experience during a casual shopping trip when she quickly stopped to audition for a role in the Harry Potter series. The young actress who hails from Scotland was cast as a gentle Ravenclaw student named Cho Chang, a sensitive student who was traumatized quite early in life when Cedric Diggory, her boyfriend, died. Cho and Harry had a very short-lived relationship afterwards.

Katie Leung – Today

Katie Leung – Hoje

Leung delayed her studies in art school to remain on the Harry Potter set. But at the end of the series, she had no commitment holding her back from chasing her dreams. Leung was skeptical about staying in the movie industry as an actress but decided to try her hand at it. She played roles in the Foreigner and T2 Trainspotting then went on to the screens of the series, The Strangers.