Man’s Best Friend Turns Dangerous Enemy: 3 Shocking Stories of Dogs Attacking Their Owners

It’s become common to refer to dogs as man’s best friend. But what happens when Man’s best friend becomes his enemy? What can make your dog turn against you.

This is not to say that all dogs are killers or that they could just turn on you at any point. Perhaps, it could help turn out attention more to our pets and learn to hear them when they try to communicate with us.

If only these victims had received the memo ahead of time…

Below are three heartbreaking and shocking stories of dog owners who suffered traumatic experiences at the hands (well, teeth, actually) of their dogs.

Bethany Stephens from Virginia, USA.

In 2017, BBC news reported the death of a 22-year old woman named Bethany Stephens from Virginia in the United States.. The shocking part about her death was that it was orchestrated By her two pit bulls.

Bethany had raised the dogs right from when they were puppies. It therefore begs the question of why. She was no stranger to the dogs and was good to them according to her friends… Or wasn’t she?

Elaborating on the tragic incident, BBC and another news site said, Bethany was taking her dogs for a walk when they turned on her and were found still chewing on her body which they had mauled without mercy.

Well, it’s sad that the truth died with poor Bethany. And who knows what happened to her dogs?

Brenda Guerrero, Tampa

It’s a bit odd that a lot of stories of dogs turning on their owners are Related to pitbulls specifically. Perhaps, it’s a track record that should influence your choice when you visit the pet store to get a new “best friend”.

Scarface was a pitbull that received a lot of love from its owner. Perhaps, a bit too much?

According to a, the pitbull attacked 52-year old Brenda Guerrero as she attempted to put a sweater on him. Her husband and son tried to intervene but they received their own share of the biting. Animal control had to come, taser and take the dog away after Brenda and her family found a way to draw away from the dangerous animal.

Young Yegor, Ukraine

A 2-year old toddler named Yegor died tragically from a vicious dog attack. It was his birthday and his parents were attending to guests inside the house. According to the news source, the child had walked outside to play oblivious to his parents and it coincided with the time their family dog broke free from its chains.

Little Yegor was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. But sadly, he didn’t survive.

The child’s parents have been charged with parental neglect. If only the German Shepherd that killed the child could face the law…

So, are dogs really man’s best friend? Because while there are many cute photos online, it doesn’t erase the news of these attacks and killings. Animal experts have said that dogs show signs before they attack. However, the owners often miss those signs.

Statistics have also shown that certain breeds are more likely to exhibit heightened aggressiveness than others, Example is the pit bull.

This is a call for dog owners to be vigilant and attentive.