5 Misleading Myths About Different Foods: Even Your Doctor May Have Believed Them


One of man’s basic needs in life is food. However, “carefree eating” has taken its toll on the health of countless many. This has lead to a barrage of information- true and untrue. Food myths are unavoidable.

Remember when we were told that Beans was purely a protein? Fatty foods make you fat? What about this one; Nuts cause acne. When you eventually find out the truth about these foods, you want to face-palm yourself and roll your eyes.

Well, here we are with 7 food myths that are annoying. Don’t be shocked if you heard one of these from your doctor at some point. We learn everyday.

Myth #1: Eating Raw Carrots Makes Your Eyes Healthy

Yes, yes, we all heard this one. Carrots are filled with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for the body, nt just the eyes. However, chomping down on raw carrots like rabbits isn’t the best way to get its nutrients. Research has shown that for carrots to release its nutrients, it has to be cooked!

Enough with the rabbit-inspired eating. Cook those carrots like the proper food that it is.

Myth #2: Coffee is Not So Good For Your Health

Too many people believe this right up to this moment and that’s because coffee contains caffeine. While there are bits of truth in that belief, it’s mostly a lie. Coffee is great for the body because it contains antioxidants that help the brain and body. The problem most coffee-drinkers have is that they become addicted.

Don’t forget all that sugar and cream you add to it – That’s where the real harm is!

Myth #3: Fatty Foods Make You Fat

That the class of food is called fats does not automatically mean it makes you fat. While there are unhealthy fats, a lot of foods contain healthy fats like your Omega-3 fatty acids and some cholesterol. Funny enough, if you want to lose weight, eating healthy fats is one way to do it. Fats will make you stay full for longer periods because they take more time to digest. Now, eat that!

Myth #4: Eggs Are Unhealthy

Eww! That lie stinks even more than an egg yolk. Eggs contain cholesterol in very little quantity and this is the basis on which the myth has stood. But eggs are very heart-friendly. They contain half the quantity of choline required by your brain each day. Also, recent studies have shown that cholesterol found in your food has very little effect on your blood cholesterol levels. Want some eggs now?

Myth #5: Red Meat Is Good For You

Meat, generally, are good sources of protein. Red meat has garnered a bad reputation because it is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular issues. Now, consuming red meat is not bad; consuming red meat excessively is.

It is true that it is an excellent source of protein but if you’re diabetic or hypertensive, it might be a great idea to cut it off partially or totally from your diet. All things being equal, balance is key.

Which of these myths did you believe before now? Do you still think you should hold on to them?