Man Tosses Gigantic Bath Ball Into A Pool, and This Happens



What would be the outcome if you took an enormous homemade bath bomb with a weight above 400kg and tossed it into a pool? Multiple researchers from Vat19, a YouTube channel decided they would discover the answer to the question.

They came to a conclusion to carry out a day-long experiment and the outcome was incredible!

Find out how it all went down on the pages that follow.

The Big Idea


Members of the Vat19 team usually carry out really absurd experiments. They have built a following of over 7 million viewers, thanks to their strange tricks. And their followers enjoy watching their videos.

They frequently invite viewers to suggest things to try out in the upcoming videos.

When an idea was suggested By one of the subscribers, the team agreed to try it out.

A Sizzling ball.


The usual effervescent ball is almost the same size as a tennis ball. It’s the same ball that measured a half metre in both width and length.

For anyone who has no clue on what an effervescent ball is, this explanation would help.

When this ball is put into water, it sizzles.

The Magic bath Glob


Another name for an effervescent ball is a bath bomb. Its constituents are essential oils, herbs or flower extracts and sodium carbonate.

If you toss an effervescent ball into water, it would bubble and release colored foam

Seeing as an effervescent ball melts in warm water, it releases its scent into the water causing it to smell great.

Constituents and Types


Although the market is filled with various kinds of effervescent balls, they’re all basically made with citric acid and baking soda.

All sorts of bath bombs with various tastes and fragrances – siny balls that sparkle, the ones that are called big blue balls (the ones that turn the water blue) and effervescent balls that smell like candies for kids

The Vat19 team made a special type of ball.

Dissecting The Idea


Creating a gigantic fizz ball would be a pretty big deal because nobody had ever tried something like that

They wanted to get the ball to ease into the water slowly, coloring it and releasing amazing scents.

Would they be successful?

The Making Process


They had to find out the effect the ball would have on the water when tossed in.

This is the making process for a fizz ball weighing 400 kg. First step was to craft a custom mold in which they could pour in all the different ingredients.

They made use of fiberglass to give the shape a papier-mache likeness.

Molding the Giant Fizz Ball


Now that the mold was ready, the ingredients for the effervescent balls were mixed with water in a concrete mixer. Two Vat19 members stirred the substance using large wooden rods.

As soon as they had prepared the mold, they mixed the constituents of the fizz balls with water inside a concrete mixer.

Sun-drying the mixture was the Next step.

Finishing Touches


With very little time left before the fizz ball was ready, the team needed to cut out the excess and it had to be done meticulously.

This turned out to be a bit more challenging than was anticipated because the team was trying to ensure the ball did not come to ruin.

If that happened, all their hard work would have been for nothing.

Prepared to Launch


Their carefulness helped preserve the ball and it was ready without any issues. It was time to find out the truth.

But they had to get the heavy fizz ball to the pool’s edge. They used a handcart to pull it off.

But did it work?

Tossing The Ball


On getting to the pool’s edge, one of the team members tossed it into the water.

As soon as the ball hit the water, it began a chemical reaction.

The water changed color immediately.

Results are In


One of the team members exclaimed “Cool!” and jumped in the water.

After a while, the bomb had melted completely and the experimenters were very pleased with the outcome of their experiment. The entire three days spent working on it paid off.

See the video of the experiment.

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