Crazy Beautiful Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Nowadays, people believe in glitz and glam. No doubt, doing crazy beautiful makeup is an art and gets tricky at times. For people who are not well aware of cosmetics, it takes years to learn the new technique. However, in the meantime, specific new trends pop up.

Anyhow, certain important crazy beautiful makeup tips are evergreen. You can simply follow them every time to create a unique makeup look. Well, before moving towards the crazy beautiful makeup tips and tricks, there are certain things that you must know before choosing makeup that helps you stand out.

Make tips for a big day

To look perfect at your event, you must follow certain specifications. For example, look for the makeup artist, pin up the necessities and also consider the theme as well.

  1. Keep the theme in mind
  2. Choose makeup as per your dress
  3. Find a professional makeup artist

So let’s begin with the details you need to know

  • Keep the theme in mind

Always choose the makeup according to season or theme. So, if you are looking for a look for the summer season, you want it to stay long. For this purpose, you can go for a mate or a fresh look. Also, choose the one that is waterproof too. Moreover, if you are getting ready for a fancy event, you can add smoky eyes, glamorous makeup, a heavy base and dark lips. No doubt all these things will help to create a dramatic appearance.

Along with the theme and season, consider the location and type of event. Like for a conference, you have to look professional, so your make should be very light. On the other hand, for a marriage ceremony, you tend to have a dramatic look.

  • Choose makeup as per your dress

One of the easiest ways to decide on a makeup look is to follow your dress. For example, if you have a pastel dress, you can follow a soft look. However, in the case of a heavy dress, you can go for a bold look. Also, you can look for the colors on the internet, such as on Pinterest and Google. You can also pair it with the other items too.

  •  Find a professional makeup artist

After selecting the makeup look, it’s time to find the right makeup artist. For this purpose, you must look for the one that matches your makeup idea. All artists have their unique styles and makeup tricks. For instance, some go for minimal, and some go for glamorous, so on and so forth. Hence look at the portfolio and get connected. However, if you are confused, you can ask for their opinion.

 Crazy beauty hacks you should know 

  • For Mascara

Mascaras tend to dry quickly. Hence they cause clumps. Well, if you want your Mascara to last for a long time, make sure to add some moisture to it. In such cases, you can add a little bit of Visine and mix well. This is a fantastic hack for applying Mascara.

  • Let your lipstick last longer

Mostly, people are so conscious about their lipstick. They usually want it to stay longer. For this purpose, you can follow a simple trick. After applying the first layer, place tissue between the lips and then apply a translucent powder. You can use a swirl brush. This will kick out all the extra oil if present. Hence, your lip shade will stay longer.

  • Makeup remover 

At times you have no makeup remover. Therefore we are here to tell you the crazy beautiful makeup hack about the makeup remover. To remove the makeup, use a few drops of olive oil and apply it to your face with some lotion. Be careful, do not apply this mixture to your eyes. After applying the mixture, use a soft tissue to clean the face.

  • Cover up the dark circles

To cover the dark circles, add a little orange colour and mix in the concealer. In particular, concealers are usually white or chalky; however, adding orange can help to cover the dark under-eye tone.

  • Use brushes 

No question at all; all brushes are not necessary to use per their purpose. Thus, you can use the Previous mascara wands on your eyebrows. Furthermore, you can also use a concealer brush to apply the lip shade. Subsequently, you can use your lip brush to apply eyeliner.

  • Apply pencil eyeliner 

Pencil eyeliners dry soon. Also, they cause premature wrinkles and irritation because of pulling the eyelid. Due to this, try to dip the eyeliner into a greasy balm; this will help in smooth application.

  • Compact powder 

Well, make sure to apply the compact powder. Otherwise, it will create a shattered look. However, to fix the issue add some alcohol to the compact box. Afterward, stir it well until it is mixed. Once the mixture obtains the right consistency, you are all set to go. Remember to use it once it is dry.

  • Use Foundation 

If you have dry skin, it is important to have a smooth foundation. Because on suck skin types base gets cracked and uneven. For a smooth look, use a bit of moisturizer and blend it with foundation. Afterward, mix both products and applications. Keep in mind warm, the mixture smoother will be the look.

  • Apply lip color in dimensions 

Lip colors are one of the core ingredients for creating a unique makeup look. For this reason, look for the proper light and follow the correct dimensions. This will help your lips look more prominent. Moreover, apply some highlighter after applying lip shade. Try to dab the powder in the center. In this way, you can add a lot to your entire look. Undoubtedly it will create a fantastic effect on the entire look.

  • Apply some blush 

Remember, blush is not a long-lasting thing on your face. Therefore, apply the blush when the foundation is about to dry. Also, try applying it with your finger. Well, this crazy beautiful makeup trick works best on liquid foundation. After applying blush, apply some powder that absorbs oil on your face.


Try to pin items before time. Collecting fantastic attire necessitates having your favorite ideas on hand so you can check them out later. Start saving the beauty looks you like the best on any social media platform you like (we advise Instagram).

Once you’ve got about Forty to Sixty looks underneath your belt, look to see what kind of makeup you can use to bring them all together. This will help determine your natural inclination and the aesthetic that most attracts you! It might be dewy skin with a bold eye, a soft contour with a bright lip, or classic eye shadow with a neutral background. Finally, keep four to five makeup looks in mind as a reference.

If any of the hacks work for you let us know in the comment box. Also, you are more than welcome for other suggestions too.