Princess Diana’s Butler Reveals Why Harry Really Married Meghan


Impactful experience

Burrell commented on the documentary on Good Morning Britain show: “I knew [Harry], he was absolutely devastated and to walk behind his mother’s coffin in front of the whole world was just horrible. He really feels that the media hounded [Diana] until she died”.

Stepping out

Burrell makes provocative statements on a number of occasions, so it is no surprise that he was invited back on Good Morning Britain in January 2020. In that month, Harry and Meghan revealed they were stepping out from their senior royal position. And after the former butler got involved in the drama, he once again drew parallels between Meghan and Diana.

Marry for love

Burrell claimed that the Duchess would have accepted the couple’s controversial decision. He told viewers, “As I heard what was happening in America, [Diana] came to my mind. She would have told them, ‘Marry for love’, which they did, ‘Be respectful and kind to your wife’, which they both did, but also, ‘Be happy'”.

Unhappy in royalty

Speaking from his home in Florida, Burrell then added: “Diana was not happy, and obviously Meghan and Harry are not happy too – the royal family is suffocating them”. He also claimed that Diana and Meghan were not afraid to cut ties with others if necessary.

Leaving the UK

According to Burrell, Diana also wanted to flee her country. The former royal adviser said: “She was going to buy that property in Malibu during a vacation, so is it any surprise that Harry would follow his wife’s dreams and follow his mother’s footsteps?”.

Sympathy for the Queen

However, Burrell remained sympathetic to another former employer. He said, “Of course I feel very sorry for the Queen… She is 93. Our monarch has suffered a lot over the years and a lot happened to her family during these times”.

Broken bond

Burrell was also concerned about the relationship between the prince and his older brother, claiming, “I’m sorry that William and Harry don’t have the bond that they once had. Obviously when their mother died, they were glued together and inseparable. I am sorry for that, and their mother would be sad too”.

Marrying the family

But when the Good Morning Britain presenter questioned Harry and Meghan’s decision, Burrell appeared to take the Duchess’s side. He replied: “It’s hard for common people to understand how difficult it is to live in a palace. [Meghan] had no idea what she was getting into. No one could have known.”

Live, laugh, love

Burrell referred to a letter he received from Diana and said, “I recently saw a letter that [the Duchess] wrote to me. It was about her future and said: ‘I look up, I live, I laugh and I love’. And I think those are moving words to send to Harry and Meghan.”

Diana’s approval

So, Diana would have approved of her youngest son’s relationship? Well, in an interview with CheshireLive in April 2020, the former butler said: ‘Princess Diana would have wanted her sons to be happy and would have supported them unconditionally’.

Living independently

Burrell continued, “[Harry] is sixth in line to the throne, so it’s unlikely that he will ever be king. Why shouldn’t [he and Meghan] have a happy life? And with the Queen’s approval, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t realise their dreams and be fully independent.”

Many similarities

In an interview with the Closer, Burrell even suggested that Harry’s wife and his mother share some common traits. He said, “Harry married Meghan because she’s just like Diana. They’re both women who would always stand up for what they believe in. However, he argued that the similarities between Meghan and Diana could have caused some conflicts if the Duchess would be still alive.

Possible clash

“They [Diana and Meghan] probably would have had conflicts with each other,” Burrell said. “Two strong, independent women side By side with different views on things. It would have been a battle between Meghan and Diana”. But he acknowledged that thy two differed in many aspects.

Using the media

Burrell says: “The main difference between them is that Meghan had a plan, whereas Diana was young and naive”. And while it seems that the Duchess used the media to her advantage in her lifetime, the former butler hinted that it wasn’t for the same reasons as Meghan.

A voice and a career

“Princess Diana co-wrote on the book with Andrew Morton and begged the press for years to publish it because she had literally no voice,” Burrell explained. “And the Duchess’s mindset suggested that the people of the country had a right to know what was going on behind closed doors. You could say that Meghan feels the same way – but I think her courtship of the press is more about her career.”

Meghan’s self-promotion

It seems that the Duchess of Sussex is much more at ease with the media than her late mother-in-law. The butler added: “In the years to come, we will see [Meghan] on red carpets, with A-list friends [and] perhaps in films. Diana was not like that. She wasn’t interested in self-promotion”.

Private vs public

Meghan’s relationship with the press is of particular concern to Burrell. Speaking to CheshireLive, for example, she said that the Duchess and her husband should avoid any publicity about harassments. She added: “They really have to accept that they are being photographed By paparazzi. They cannot have a completely private life”.

Blurred lines

Burrell has already expressed his displeasure with Meghan’s love of the limelight. In an article in The Sun 2019, he said. There is a clear line between the two, and Meghan doesn’t know the difference. The Queen has always said: ‘We are not celebrities. Being royalty is something else”.

Fiery comet

“[Meghan] thinks she doesn’t have to follow the rules, but she has to follow these rules, since she has a royal title now and you have to give up a lot to be part of the royal family,” Burrell continued. “I think we’re all going to have to wait with bated breath and see how this plays out”.

False impression

Unlike much of the press, however, Burrell does not believe that the Duchess wears the trousers in the marriage. Speaking to OK!, he said: “I have no doubt that they will talk everything through and have another baBy very soon”. Well, she was definitely right about the baBy!

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