Meditation: A Way to Stay Happy and Healthy

Humans don’t concentrate on our health and physical wellbeing until the sickness arrives home. So cut off the habits that damage us both externally and internally. Meditation is one of the best techniques that most people worldwide have adopted. Research has shown that meditation for 20 minutes daily in your busy life is much better than meditating for an hour after the sickness. Mental health is very much important.

Mindfulness and meditation techniques are vital in dealing with stress and depression. What happens when you perform meditation? Your heart beats slow down, your body comes into relaxation mode, blood pressure relatively drops, and the body gets in the optimum condition.

It’s a matter of the fact that stress and relaxation cannot be experienced at once. When your body is in a meditation state, you are out of stress, and this is the wonder of this technique, stress-relieved at once.

Given below are the advantages of meditation. Let’s read them, ☺

Advantages of meditation

  • Meditation is beneficial and has many advantages as well.
  • It helps in maintaining a better focus under UN suitable circumstances
  • You feel less stressed out with minor anxiety.
  • You feel more confident and creative and can solve your problems more appropriately.
  • You don’t feel angry about small things.
  • You feel more compassionate, and you experience better communication with your loved ones.
  • Meditation helps you in better healing from various ailments.
  • The best thing about meditation is that you can experience it anywhere whenever you feel tired; go for meditation, and you will feel amazing.

Beginners guide

Always take a start with small steps. Never try to reach the destination just after you put a step on the first stair. Develop a habit of meditating for a few minutes at the start and then increase the time with every passing day.

Just set an alarm of 5 am, or 6 am and perform meditation for less than 5 minutes. Maybe you find it very difficult at the start because you might think that you need complete relaxation or a quiet place for meditation but don’t stress about that. If you have some noise or other stimuli near you, you will have more power to accept the situations as they exist in your daily lives.

Don’t lose the courage at any cost. Sometimes, your mind wanders and doesn’t help you concentrate better. Meditation is not meant for changing your thoughts, but this technique helps you accept the thoughts as they exist in your mind. To adopt meditation, you must be patient, consistent, and stubborn. Minor incidents may discourage you, but you have to do it.

There are a lot of ways in which you can meditate. You can follow different positions.

5 minutes of meditation will bring so many changes in both physical and mental health. It boosts your immunity, enhances confidence, and improves your perspectives on life.

  • Helps in maintaining  good posture

This is one of the biggest dilemmas that most of us usually don’t follow the proper sitting posture. Sitting all the time is not good but sitting all the time in a bad posture is even worse. One of the main habits to be adopted to stay healthy is to follow a good posture.

Suppose you work in an office that always follows the healthy ergonomics rules in which position you have to sit. Lack of a better sitting pattern will lead to facing serious back ache issues later on, and you may have to be in bed for weeks and months to sustain a better life again. Always follow the rules that will help you stay healthy. By performing just a 5 minutes meditation can do wonders for your body.

  • Meditation promotes positivity 

Pessimist thinking is one of the most dangerous things most of us suffer from. Whether we want to think harmful or not, sometimes situations and circumstances force us to think about every negative point. To have a healthy life, one of the foremost things is always to think positive no matter how worse the situation gets. Try to be very optimistic.

This is one of the main things that will contribute significantly to your daily life. Negative thinking leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders that lead to an unbalanced life. When you try to think positively, you will be able to feel a positive aura around you, and you will not suffer anything that might make you feel unhealthy.

Meditation and mindfulness techniques are there to feel happy and healthy. Just try new things, wear new clothes, read new books, do some charity and everything that makes you feel good.

  • Daily routine and wonders of 5 minutes of meditation 

Every person has their own needs and demands that must be fulfilled at the time. We all have different body responses, and how our body deals with different things also varies from person to person. Requirements for food, water, sleep, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and exercise routines are different for everyone. Although we have the same pattern of metabolism, the way our bodies respond to the external environment and the things we eat are pretty different. However, having a healthy life is not a one-night play; once you adopt such patterns, you will have a healthy life later on.

Just break the harmful habit and induce positivity in yourself; sooner or later, you will be thankful for this post.

There are various forms of meditation. You can start practicing meditation with a simple one. It can be more precise with an example that when you combine various parts for an accessory or machine, it will work more efficiently. The best machine can have more reliability and demand. The same is the case with human beings. When meditation becomes a common practice, man becomes more healthy and has more and more energy which he can have By practicing meditation in daily life.

Final thoughts 

Meditation is said to be the best medicine ever. Take this medicine, and you can probably increase your life and your healthy life span double that you could have without practicing meditation. This busy life has made humans adopt a sedentary lifestyle.

Human beings have become the laziest creatures. And they can also be called the perfect liars: because they have no strength or stamina to face life’s realities. Meditation is the only thing that can help the human race cope with the rapidly growing and ever-increasing life challenges and move ahead. Meditation is beneficial as it helps humans to have a good mood.

Princess Diana’s Butler Reveals Why Harry Really Married Meghan

As a former butler to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell is well aware of the secrets behind closed doors in the Royal Family. After the death of his beloved princess, he gave us some juicy information about Diana and her private life. So, it’s no surprise to anyone that he also knew and revealed a lot about Meghan Markle – including a sad truth about her marriage with Prince Harry.

Deep connection

The former butler has served the royal family for decades. After a trip to Buckingham Palace, he developed a lasting interest in the British monarchy. This led to a prestigious job as a valet to Queen Elizabeth II, so it’s no wonder he has an insider’s knowledge of Britain’s most famous clan, which means he has plenty of secrets to tell.

The princess’ butler

But it was not this aforementioned work that made him famous. He worked as Diana’s butler for a decade, during which time he became very close to her. In fact, Burrell says he was the only person Diana ever really trusted. So he knew what the Duchess thought of Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

Dark accusation

Since he stopped working, he became a controversial figure in the public eye, and many people disbelieved his claims. In 2001, his home in Cheshire was ransacked By police after a theft has been reported. It was alleged that Burrell had stolen various items belonging to Diana, or her ex-husband Prince Charles, or her eldest son Prince William. But at the end, an important man came to his rescue.

Queen’s intervention

The trial finally took a sensational turn. The Queen herself spoke in his defence, claiming that she had given her former employee permission to store the 310 items in question. All legal proceedings against Burrell were then dropped.

Copied correspondence

But it was not the last time Burrell’s behaviour was questioned. A 2008 investigation into Diana’s death revealed that a former member of the Royal Household had secretly copied correspondence between the Princess and others. But Burrell argued that he did so because of the “historical significance” of the papers.

Coming out

Burrell’s personal life is also the subject of controversy and is also under investigation. In 2016, it was revealed that he and his wife Maria were divorcing after 32 years of marriage. Then, a year later, the ex-butler walked down the aisle for the second time with his partner Graham Cooper. According to an insider, Burrell once confessed to Diana that he was gay. Was this really true?

Unspoken understanding

Burrell said no. Speaking to OK! magazine in 2020, he said. “Let’s be honest: I made her great flower arrangements, picked out her clothes and gave her advice. Everything was obvious, and she was a smart lady”.

Reality TV regular

It would not be a mistake to say that Burrell was seeking the limelight. He wrote several books about his experiences with the royal family. He has also become a regular member on reality TV, appearing on shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and Britain’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and has also been a judge on Australian Princess. So the former butler is something of an expert with a real insight of the Royal Family.

Getting the gossip

Burrell became the perfect royal correspondent for the British morning TV show Lorraine. He got the job in the days before Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and his relationship with the groom’s mother is said to have been a factor in him getting this job. We’re betting the producers were hoping for some juicy secrets – which Burrell actually has delivered.

Having doubts

Burrell has not stopped reporting on the couple ever since. In an interview for the 2019 British documentary Kate v Meghan: Princesses at War?, the former royal adviser described the Suits star as a “strong and independent woman”. Yet he had doubts about whether Meghan could be accepted By the family.

Stark change

“Meghan married into one of the most traditional families: the royal family,” explained Burrell. He then compared her to Princess Diana: “How will she cope? Princess Diana was brought up in a house as big as Buckingham Palace and she was lost too”.

Unwelcoming family

Burrell even said that Meghan would be in trouble if she refuses to respect the royal protocol. He said, “Buckingham Palace is a minefield for anyone who goes in there for the first time. Many people set traps, and this young girl is no exception. Who would want to be part of that family?”

Words of advice

To help Meghan cope with the trials of royalty, Burrell offered some wisdom. He suggested he get to know the most important member of the family: Harry’s grandmother, the Queen. Diana’s alleged confidante also advised Meghan to stay as close as possible to her new husband. She also suggested what Diana herself would say about the Princess.

BaBy Archie

In the May 2019 edition of Good Morning Britain, the butler was asked what his thoughts were on the birth of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie. When asked how Diana would have welcomed her fourth grandchild, he replied, “She would have been in her element, wouldn’t she? [Meghan’s mother] Doria wouldn’t even be able to see the little one. She would be very excited.”

Diana’s values

If that wasn’t enough, in October 2019, Burrell was invited to film Good Morning Britain after the premiere of the British TV series Harry and Meghan: An African Journey. In the documentary, the Duke of Sussex revealed why he feels the need to be so protective of his family: “My mum has definitely taught me a certain set of values that I hold on to, despite the role and the work that it sometimes entails, if you know what I mean”.

Not repeating the past

Harry continued, “Everything [Diana] has been through and what happened to her hurts incredibly every single day. And it’s not that I’m paranoid; it’s just that I don’t want the past to repeat itself. And if anybody else went through this – whether it’s a father, whether it’s a husband, whether it’s anybody – they would probably do exactly what I do.”

Young Boy Remembers Thrilling Details Of His Past Life, Then Proves He Was Reincarnated

Reincarnation is when people are reborn in another body after death. Different religions and cultures around the world believe in this idea, but many believe that it is simply a conspiracy theory. In the United States, thousands of young children have memories of a past life. They also show specific behaviours and evidence that experts use to confirm these claims. Ryan Hammond is a perfect example of a child who proves he has been reincarnated. If you don’t believe it, just wait until you see how this gruesome story unfolds…


Meet Ryan, a young 16-year-old boy who lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was born into a Baptist family, his dad is a police officer while his mom is a county clerk deputy. Ryan grew up in a loving home, surrounded By his family and friends. When he was about 4 years old, he started having vivid dreams and nightmares, he woke up multiple times during the night, being scared and hysterically crying, claiming that his heart is about to explode…

Supernatural Things

Eventually, it got to a point where Ryan’s mother Cyndi was very concerned. Shortly after this, Ryan began speaking to supernatural creatures that no four years should even know of. First, Ryan’s parents thought it was kind of a paranormal situation that was going on, but when things got worse, they suspected that there may even be some kind of demon inside of him.  One of the things that concerned them was the fact that Ryan spoke about Hollywood, a place he had never been to, or basically had no knowledge of before these events.

Creative Imagination

Usually when young children are about 4 or 5 years old, their imagination starts to expand truly. Playing make-believe is totally natural for children, no matter how crazy the stories may sound. However, Cyndi felt that the things her son was saying were just too farfetched. He was only 4 years old. She often walked into his room and found him recreating situations that seemed to be from a horror story. Then one day Ryan began telling stories which completely shocked his parents…

Directing Motion Pictures

Ryan told his mother that he wanted to “go home, I hate being a child.” He was convinced that he was someone else. Even though Cyndi tried to talk about something else with him, Ryan started to reveal more scary details. Cyndi slowly started to believe him, and knew this was serious. She said: “His stories were so detailed that it just couldn’t be something which a little child just made up. He began describing intricate details about being on a Hollywood movie set in the 1940s – therefore he was directing scenes in his room. These were motion pictures”.

Detailed Memories

After this, Ryan began speaking about numerous memories he had, even used the names of famous actors from the 1940s. He claimed that he knew these people personally. Was he actually reincarnated? Being a Baptist, Cyndi did not believe in reincarnation, so she kept Ryan’s story a secret for a while. But then, when things began to get out of her hand, Cyndi wanted to get to finally solve the situation and help her son out of this nightmare.

Coke Floats

She headed straight to the local library to get some books about Hollywood, and showed some images to Ryan. This was when everything changed… Another chilling sentence that Ryan told was that he loved drinking coke floats. Then, in one of the books Cyndi brought home, Ryan found a picture with two men facing each other. They were also surrounded By other men too. Ryan pointed out the one in the middle of the image…

Hey, That’s Me!

Cyndi instantly became more anxious and totally confused, of course. Ryan pointed out the men and said, “Hey Mama, that’s George. We made a movie together.” He talked about a man on the right of the image, wearing an overcoat and a scowl. “That guy is me. I found myself!” Ryan’s mother was speechless, and on top of that, she had literally no idea who these men were.

Just A Phase

Cyndi felt completely helpless and lost. What exactly was going on with her child? Perhaps there was something going on at his new kindergarten? As the days have passed, he continued to tell the most outrageous stories. He told his mom about holidays which took place oversee, and the big white house he owned in Hollywood which had a beautiful swimming pool inside. Ryan also described the street where he lived …

Professional Help

Ryan said that his house was in a street that had the word “rock” in it. He added that he had been married five times and was the father of three boys. It got to a point that Cyndi decided to seek professional help for her son. This was the point she got into contact with Dr. Tim Tucker, a well-known child psychiatrist. He had huge experience with children in the age group of 2 and 6, who claim to remember their past lives. He said the following…























































Mordomo da Princesa Diana revela porque Harry casou com Meghan

Se tem uma pessoa que deve saber o que se passa atrás das portas do palácio real, essa pessoa é Paul Burrell, o ex-mordomo da Princesa Diana, as coisas que devem acontecer as portas fechadas nos aposentos reais nós nem imaginamos. E desde a morte de sua amada chefe, ele nos deu algumas informações interessantes sobre Diana e sua vida privada. Não é nenhuma surpresa saber, então, que ele tem muito a dizer sobre Meghan Markle – incluindo uma triste verdade sobre seu casamento com o Príncipe Harry.

Uma conexão profunda

Antes que você se pergunte se o que Paul diz é verdade ou não, saiba que ele tem conhecimento de causa. Isso porque, após uma viagem ao Palácio de Buckingham quando ainda era jovem, o inglês desenvolveu um interesse permanente pela monarquia britânica. O que começou com um fascínio, levaria a um trabalho de alto prestígio: lacaio da Rainha Elizabeth II. Então, se tem alguém que conhece a monarquia britânica é Paul.

Se tornando mordomo da princesa

Mas, não foi essa posição que fez Paul conhecer os segredos reais. Mas sim, quando se tornou mordomo da Princesa Diana, até a morte prematura de Diana em 1997, Paul trabalhou por cerca de uma década como mordomo da princesa, um papel que ele afirma que o tornou próximo de sua chefe. Na verdade, Burrell teria se referido a si mesmo como “o único homem [em quem Diana] já confiou”. Isso pode ter dado a ele um insight crucial sobre o que a princesa teria pensado do casamento de Harry e Meghan.

Grave acusação

Apesar dessa relação íntima com os membros da família britânica poderosa, Burrel se tornou uma figura não tão bem quista assim, isso porque após algumas falas algumas pessoas passaram a não acreditar em suas histórias. Em 2001, um fato estranho aconteceu, sua casa no condado inglês de Cheshire foi revirada pela polícia após alegações de roubo. Houve alegações de que Burrell havia roubado vários itens que pertenceram a Diana, a seu ex-marido, o príncipe Charles, e ainda a seu filho mais velho, o príncipe William. Mas alguém importante acabou vindo em seu socorro.

Intervenção da rainha

Acredite se quiser, mas enquanto Paul estava em meio as acusações de roubo, e lutando para limpar seu nome, ninguém menos do que a rainha Elizabeth II falou em sua defesa! Isso mesmo, aparentemente ela disse a todos que deu permissão a seu ex-funcionário para armazenar os 310 itens que estavam sendo acusados de terem sido levados por ele. Após essa intervenção, todos os procedimentos legais contra Burrell foram abandonados.

Copiando correspondência

Se você acha que a acusação de roubo foi a única coisa no histórico de Burrell está muito enganado. Durante uma investigação em 2008 sobre a morte de Diana, descobriu-se que o ex-membro da casa real copiou secretamente a correspondência entre a princesa e outras pessoas, imagine só! Acontece que Burrell argumentou que ele fez isso por causa da “importância histórica” dos papéis. Mas nem todos concordaram com esse argumento.


Há ainda algumas outras revelações acerca da vida privada do ex-mordomo da princesa amada. Isso porque, ele e a esposa Maria, se separaram depois de trinta e dois anos de casados. Acontece que, um ano depois, o ex-mordomo desceu subiu o altar pela segunda vez com seu parceiro Graham Cooper. De acordo com uma fonte, Burrell uma vez confidenciou a Diana que era gay. Será que foi verdade?


Mas, apesar dos rumores Paul garantiu a todos que ele não havia dito nada a Diana. Durante uma entrevista a OK! revista em 2020, ele revelou, “Diana e eu nunca discutimos minha sexualidade, mas era uma coisa conhecida entre nós. Vamos encarar: eu fiz ótimos arranjos de flores, escolhi suas roupas e dei conselhos a ela. Todas as pistas estavam lá, e ela era uma senhora inteligente.” E vocês, o que acham?

Popular na TV

Uma coisa é fato Burrell aproveitou a fama que conseguiu, não só porque escreveu vários livros sobre a família real, afinal quem não gostaria de saber o que se passa nas portas fechadas do palácio? Entretanto, ele não só fez isso, como também aceitou aparecer em programas como o Celebrity Big Brother e o U.K.’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! além de servir como juiz no Australian Princess. De uma coisa é fato, o ex-mordomo da princesa Diana aproveitou as oportunidades.


Como já possuía uma vida sob os holofotes, ninguém menos que Burrell seria convidado para participar do programa matutino na TV britânica, Lorraine. Ele foi convidado para assumir o papel nos dias que antecederam o casamento de Harry e Meghan e, segundo consta, sua ligação com a mãe do noivo foi fundamental para ele conseguir o emprego. Apostamos que os produtores esperavam por alguns segredos interessantes, e Burrell entregou todos.


Ele foi chamado para falar sobre o duque e a duquesa de Sussex desde então. Em uma entrevista para o documentário britânico de 2019 Kate v Meghan: Princesses at War?, o ex-mordomo real descreveu a estrela de Suits como uma “mulher forte e independente”. No entanto, ele ainda tinha dúvidas se Meghan se encaixaria. Parece que não foi só ele.

Uma mudança radical

Ele explicou seu pensamento “Meghan se casou com a família mais tradicional do país: a família real”. Segundo Burrell ele não tinha certeza se Meghan poderia lidar com isso, ainda terminou falando “Como ela vai lidar com isso? A Princesa Diana foi criada em uma casa que era tão grande quanto o Palácio de Buckingham, e até ela estava perdida.” Sim, realmente é uma situação complicada.

Hostilidade na família

Muitas pessoas concordaram com essas afirmações de Paul Burrell, realmente a situação seria complicada para Meghan. Burrell então falou: “O Palácio de Buckingham é um campo minado para qualquer pessoa que vá lá pela primeira vez. As pessoas armaram armadilhas, [e] não foram muito gentis com essa jovem que veio a este mundo. Quem gostaria de fazer parte dessa família?” Concordamos que a vida de Meghan não seria nada fácil.


Burrell surpreendeu a todos, oferecendo algumas palavras de conselho para Meghan que iria se aventurar pela primeira vez na vida da realeza. Ele disse que Meghan deveria se aproximar da avó de Harry, a Rainha. Pois, ela é o membro mais valioso da família. O ex-mordomo de Diana também aconselhou Meghan a se manter o mais próxima possível de seu novo marido. E ele sugeriu o que a própria Diana teria a dizer sobre a duquesa.


Mais uma vez, em maio de 2019, em uma edição do Good Morning Britain, Burrell foi convidado para dar sua opinião. Dessa vez, sobre o nascimento de Archie, o filho de Meghan e Harry. Então, ao responder a uma pergunta sobre como Diana teria recebido seu quarto neto, ele respondeu: “Ela estaria encantada, não é? Já a [Mãe de Meghan] Doria não quis dar uma olhada. Ela teria ficado emocionada.”

Valores de Diana

Novamente, após outro documentário sobre a família real ser exibida, Burrell foi convidado em outubro de 2019, para o set do Good Morning Britain, isso ocorreu logo após a estreia de Harry e Meghan: An African Journey na TV britânica. No documentário, o Duque de Sussex revela porque sente a necessidade de ser tão protetor com sua família, explicando: “Minha mãe claramente me ensinou um certo conjunto de valores que sempre tentarei defender – apesar do papel e do trabalho isso às vezes acarreta, se é que você me entende.” Diana realmente era uma mulher extraordinária.

Não repetir o passado

Harry continua explicando o porquê de suas atitudes para com a sua família. ”Tudo o que [Diana] passou e o que aconteceu com ela é incrivelmente cruel a cada dia. E isso não sou eu sendo paranoico; isso apenas sou eu não querendo uma repetição do passado. E se alguém mais soubesse o que eu sabia – seja um pai, seja um marido, seja qualquer pessoa – você provavelmente também estaria fazendo exatamente o que eu estou fazendo.” Não é difícil entender as ações do Harry.

Esse menino lembra detalhes da sua vida passada e prova que foi reencarnado

A reencarnação sugere que a alma renasce em outro corpo após a morte da matéria anterior. Apesar de algumas religiões acreditarem nisso, e até mesmo pregarem para seus fies, muitas pessoas simplesmente acham que isso não passa de uma mentira contada. Um fato curioso, no entanto, é que somente nos Estados Unidos, milhares de crianças contam que se lembram de suas vidas anteriores, além de terem comportamentos que comprovam essa teoria. O garoto que vamos mostrar agora é um bom exemplo disso, Ryan Hammond tem lembranças de sua vida anterior e ele vai deixar você chocado. E você, já teve alguma memória ou sensação que não sabe explicar de onde veio?


Esse é Ryan Hammond, ele tem 16 anos e mora em Muskogee, Oklahoma. Sua mãe é secretária do condado, já seu pai é um policial, ambos são da Igreja Batista. Os pais de Ryan amam o menino, sempre teve carinho e amor no lar, sempre rodeado de familiares, Ryan também adora brincar com os amigos. Entretanto, apesar dos cuidados quando tinha 4 anos Ryan começou a ter pesadelos muito vívidos, e acordava gritando e dizendo para os pais que seu coração iria explodir.

Coisas muito estranhas

Obviamente sua mãe, Cyndi ficou muito preocupada, afinal seu filho de 4 anos estava tendo pesadelos com coisas que não eram próprias de sua idade, bem como falava coisas que ele não deveria saber, uma vez que o garoto não tinha idade para ver essas coisas. Assim, o primeiro pensamento dos pais do garoto era de que algo sobrenatural estava acontecendo, afinal quem não pensaria isso? O que mais chamou a atenção dos pais do menino foi ele mencionar Hollywood, mas ele nunca tinha estado lá.


Como qualquer pessoa normal, você deve estar se perguntando, mas isso não pode ser algo da imaginação do garoto? Afinal, ele só tem quatro anos, e nessa idade as crianças criam todo um cenário na cabeça. O problema é que nesse caso as coisas que Ryan dizia não condizia com a imaginação de crianças dessa idade, pois eram coisas muito rebuscadas e difíceis. Então, um dia Ryan disse coisas aos seus pais que realmente os deixaram alarmados…

Direção de Filmes?

Parece que as coisas que passavam na cabeça de Ryan evoluíram, pois ele parou de reencenar acontecimentos em seu quarto e começou a dizer a mãe que odiava ser pequeno, bem como queria ir para casa. É claro que Cyndi achou muito estranho, afinal seu filho sempre foi pequeno e não tinha experiência em ser adulto. Mesmo com Cyndi tentando ignorar as coisas que estavam acontecendo, já não dava mais. Ela contou: “Suas histórias eram tão detalhadas e extensas que não era como se uma criança pudesse ter inventado. Ele começou a descrever os detalhes intrincados de estar em um filme de Hollywood na década de 1940 – razão pela qual ele dirigia “filmes” em seu quarto. Eram filmes”.

Muitos detalhes

Acontece que as coisas atingiram outro patamar, pois Ryan começou a contar em detalhes suas memórias, ele disse nome de atrizes de filmes do ano de 1940, bem como começou a narrar histórias com essas pessoas e dizer que as conhecia pessoalmente. Cyndi obviamente achou estranho, mas começou a acreditar que podia mesmo ser verdade, afinal eram muitos detalhes. Mas por ser batista ela não acreditava em reencarnação.

Uma Coca-Cola

Cyndi não teve escapatória a não ser acreditar nas falas de seu filho, ela então foi a uma biblioteca e pegou um livro com fotos de atrizes de Hollywood e mostrou a ele. Ryan então disse uma frase que deixaria tudo mais estranho, pois ele disse que adorava beber uma Coca-Cola no carro. Eles viram uma foto de dois homens, cercado por outros homens e Ryan apontou para o meio.

Esse sou eu!

Claro que Cyndi ficou estática! Ryan apontou para um dos caras da foto e disse que ele se chamava George e que eles tinham feito um filme juntos, e como se não bastasse frase tão perturbadora, ele disse esse sou eu e apontou para um homem de casaco. Cyndi ficou sem saber o que fazer, afinal isso era algo completamente estranho, ela nunca tinha vivenciado nada assim.

Uma frase chocante

Como não sabia o que fazer Cyndi não fez nada, ela achou que talvez isso fosse apenas uma história do jardim de infância, algo que ele tinha ouvido ou visto na TV. Mas depois de alguns dias as histórias continuaram, e Ryan continuou a contar sobre sua vida em Hollywood, a casa branca que tinha, a piscina e as histórias das suas férias com amigos.

Ajuda profissional

As histórias de Ryan continuou, ele contou como era a rua que morava, que tinha três filhos e tinha sido casado cinco vezes. Lembrou que o nome da sua rua tinha a palavra “rock”. Isso foi a gota d’água para Cyndi ela decidiu que não dava mais para seguir assim, então foi buscar a ajuda do Dr. Tim Tucker, que era um psicólogo infantil e dizia ter experiência com crianças com esses tipos de relato.

10 Unique and Beauty Hairstyle for Men that Makes Women Crazy

At present, nobody can deny the charm and influence of a beauty hairstyle. In particular, hairstyles have the power to drive people crazy. There are seemingly endless hairstyles, from simple and sophisticated hair buns to fashionable hawks. Whether you are a businessman or a simple layman, hairstyles always have a unique value. Sexy hairstyles always empower the crowd as it helps you to be an attention grabber.

Hairstyling essentials

Before knowing about the hairstyle, it is vital to know about some basics, such as the type of hair you have, frizz or shine, and styling products that are best to use.

Knowing and working on all these parameters allows you to go for any hairstyle quickly.

  • Try to know about your hair type

If you are well aware of your hair type, it becomes pretty easy to Prevent any damage. As soon as you pick your styling tool, it’s necessary to know about the hair.

  • Fine hair strands

If you have fine quality hair, you cannot define the strands. Moreover, for fine hair, it’s necessary to add volume. In this way, you can get a beauty hairstyle.

  • Coarse hair strands

On the other hand, frizz is the main thing to deal with for thick hair strands. In such cases, bobBy pins alone cannot work. Moreover, you have many strands that are too heavy to carry.

  • Start with a good haircut

Remember, regular hair cutting is one of the best ideas to remove the dead ends. Also, it helps you to make your hair thick and shiny. Undeniably, a good haircut serves as a strong foundation for a beauty hairstyle.

  • Bro Flow

Are you looking for a luscious, loose hairstyle? If this is the case, the bro flow might be the cut for you. Other haircuts, such as the undercut and pompadour, appear clean and elegant, whereas the bro flow emits a gruff and laid-back feel. So, the bro flow is the way to go if you’re looking to shave a few minutes off your morning ritual.

  • Man Bun

Undeniably, this is an evergreen hairstyle. Most women get crazy when they see men with this hairstyle. Not only is it flexible, but it also looks great. Moreover, anyone can have this hairstyle as per face shape. To get this style, comb your hair backward and tie. Remember, the length and the volume defines the bun’s height. Anyhow, it looks best just beneath the crown. Last but not least, the smoother bun always looks more stylish.

  • Modern Pompadour

Again, this hairdo is highly versatile. As it indicates, a classical look is also a perfect choice for men. This hairstyle is mainly for those who want the hair above the forehead. Moreover, people with this haircut have short hair on the side and longer on the top. However, some men want too short sides while others prefer a perfect scissor cut. This will help in getting a gentle look.

  • Caesar Cut

This hairstyle helps you stand out in any meeting. Undeniably, this is the traditional and oldest hairstyle to date. This hairstyle is one of the popular choices for men. Also, this style works well for all men of all ages. Moreover, it is an excellent option for all hair types. Indeed, this is an incredible style and follows a small forward fringe. The sleek and elegant style is the best option for professional and formal meetups.

  • Try the Buzz Cut

This is the style that works best for people who have a busy routine and have a poor hair care routine. Anyhow the people who are ready to cut off the long strands and need low maintenance can go for this look. For men, it looks sleeker with a strong beard. Undeniably, this hairstyle goes best for the ones that follow regular trims.

  • The Undercut

The undercut is another best and most sexy hairstyle. It is getting immensely popular. Compared to the other hairstyle, it is the best option for curly and wavy hair. You can have this hairstyle with any look. Keep in mind that this style follows short sides and a long back. But it looks wonderful if you are looking for a faded look.

  • Follow Quiff

This is another best hairstyle that looks great on both genders. But the men are ahead in style. Not all but most men follow this hairstyle. People with round faces can easily opt for this hairstyle. Apart from the other style, this style follows a different pattern. First of all, brush all the hair forward, and then make sure to create a wave. This style not only makes sure to turn the heads but also adds volume to hair.

  • Modern Hawk/Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are just an imitation of modern hawks. In other words, you can say that it is a simple modification of classic punk. This fantastic hairstyle indicates short sides and a long strip rising upwards.

However, it is less intense compared to a mohawk. Other than girls, this is a perfect hairstyle for men too. It helps you look cool, eye-catching, and more stylish.

  • Go for Ivy League

Just like the crew cut, this haircut best suits longer hair. This Beauty hairstyle follows a short trim on the sides and top. However, the hair is longer on the front, so you can easily part them. No doubt, this is a versatile haircut and looks great on anyone with high cheeks. Furthermore, this hairstyle represents an intense, professional, and sleek look.

  • Try Slick Back

No doubt at all slick back is another beautiful hairstyle. It not only makes you look elegant. With this hairstyle, you look mature and stylish. Well, there are multiple ways you can go for this hairdo. However, to appear modern, you can go for a slightly flat look. You can easily go for this look on both formal and casual occasions. Simply brush your hair back and use a pomade to maintain the shape.


We’ve covered you with tips that will make your hair look stylish, from the most excellent hair care products and style techniques to how-tos. We consulted famous hairdressers for their advice on striking hairstyles and the Beauty Lab experts at the Good Institute; to know about the finest products for every hair issue or problem; in order to provide our readers with the best hair and beauty practical tips. For more fashion and beauty tips let us know in the comment box. You’re always welcome with new suggestions.

Ο μπάτλερ της πριγκίπισσας Νταϊάνα αποκάλυψε γιατί πραγματικά ο Χάρι παντρεύτηκε τη Μέγκαν

Ως πρώην μπάτλερ της πριγκίπισσας Νταϊάνα, ο Πωλ Μπάρελ (Paul Burrell) γνωρίζει τι συμβαίνει πίσω από τις κλειστές πόρτες στα βασιλικά διαμερίσματα. Και από τότε που πέθανε η αγαπημένη του αφεντικίνα, μας έδωσε μερικές «ζουμερές» λεπτομέρειες για την Νταϊάνα και την ιδιωτική της ζωή. Δεν αποτελεί έκπληξη, λοιπόν, ότι έχει πολλά να πει για τη Μέγκαν Μαρκλ – συμπεριλαμβανομένης μιας θλιβερής αλήθειας για τον γάμο της με τον πρίγκιπα Χάρι.

Βαθιά σύνδεση

Ο πρώην μπάτλερ ξέρει πολύ καλά για τι μιλάει, καθώς οι δεσμοί του με τη βασιλική οικογένεια χρονολογούνται δεκαετίες πίσω. Μετά από ένα ταξίδι στα Ανάκτορα του Μπάκιγχαμ ως νεαρός, ο Άγγλος ανέπτυξε πραγματικό και διαρκές ενδιαφέρον για τη βρετανική μοναρχία. Και με τον καιρό, αυτό θα οδηγούσε σε μια δουλειά υψηλού κύρους: υπηρετικό προσωπικό στη βασίλισσα Ελισάβετ Β’. Ναι, έχει εκ των έσω γνώσεις για την πιο διάσημη οικογένεια στη Βρετανία και αυτό σημαίνει ότι έχει πολλά μυστικά να αποκαλύψει.

Ο μπάτλερ της πριγκίπισσας

Αλλά ήταν η δεύτερη θέση του Μπάρελ στη βασιλική οικογένεια που τον έκανε γνωστό. Μέχρι τον πρόωρο θάνατο της Νταϊάνα το 1997, εργαζόταν για μια δεκαετία ως ο μπάτλερ της πριγκίπισσας – ένας ρόλος, που όπως ισχυρίστηκε, τον έφερε κοντά στο αφεντικό του. Στην πραγματικότητα, ο Μπάρελ φαίνεται να αναφέρεται στον εαυτό του ως «ο μόνος άνδρας [τον οποίο η Νταϊάνα] εμπιστεύτηκε ποτέ». Αυτό μπορεί να του έδωσε καθαρή εικόνα για το τι θα σκεφτόταν η πριγκίπισσα για τον γάμο του Χάρι και της Μέγκαν.

Σκοτεινή κατηγορία

Ωστόσο, από τότε που απαλλάχθηκε από τα καθήκοντά του, ο Μπάρελ έχει γίνει μια αμφιλεγόμενη φιγούρα από μόνος του – που σημαίνει ότι ορισμένοι μπορεί να μην εμπιστεύονται τη γνώμη του για τη Μέγκαν. Το 2001, βλέπετε, το σπίτι του στην αγγλική κομητεία Cheshire «λεηλατήθηκε» από την αστυνομία μετά από καταγγελίες για κλοπή. Συγκεκριμένα, υποστηρίχθηκε ότι ο Μπάρελ είχε κλέψει διάφορα αντικείμενα που ανήκαν είτε στην Νταϊάνα, είτε στον πρώην σύζυγό της Πρίγκιπα Κάρολο, είτε στον μεγαλύτερο γιο της Πρίγκιπα Γουίλιαμ. Αλλά κάποιος σημαντικός ήρθε τελικά να τον σώσει.

Η Παρέμβαση της Βασίλισσας

Ναι, ενώ ο Μπάρελ αρχικά αντιμετώπιζε κατηγορίες για κλοπή, η δίκη του πήρε μια συγκλονιστική τροπή. Η βασίλισσα μίλησε προς υπεράσπισή του, καθώς προφανώς είχε δώσει στον πρώην υπάλληλο της άδεια να αποθηκεύσει τα 310 επίμαχα αντικείμενα. Μετά από αυτή την παρέμβαση, όλες οι νομικές διαδικασίες κατά του Μπάρελ εγκαταλείφθηκαν.

Αντιγραφή αλληλογραφίας

Αλλά αυτή δεν θα ήταν η τελευταία φορά που η συμπεριφορά του Burrell τέθηκε υπό αμφισβήτηση. Κατά τη διάρκεια έρευνας του 2008 για τον θάνατο της Νταϊάνα, το πρώην μέλος του βασιλικού οίκου διαπιστώθηκε ότι αντέγραφε κρυφά την αλληλογραφία μεταξύ της πριγκίπισσας και άλλων. Ο Μπάρελ υποστήριξε, ωστόσο, ότι το είχε κάνει λόγω της «ιστορικής σημασίας» των εγγράφων.


Στη συνέχεια, υπάρχει η ιδιωτική ζωή του Μπάρελ, η οποία έχει επίσης ελεγχθεί. Το 2016 αποκαλύφθηκε ότι αυτός και η σύζυγός του Μαρία είχαν τραβήξει χωριστούς δρόμους μετά από 32 χρόνια γάμου. Έπειτα, ένα χρόνο αργότερα, ο πρώην μπάτλερ παντρεύτηκε για δεύτερη φορά με τον σύντροφό του Graham Cooper. Σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες, ο Μπάρελ είχε εκμυστηρευτεί κάποτε στην Νταϊάνα ότι ήταν ομοφυλόφιλος. Ήταν αλήθεια αυτό;

Σιωπηρή κατανόηση

Ο Μπάρελ είπε όχι. Κατά τη διάρκεια μιας συνέντευξης στο περιοδικό OK! το 2020, αποκάλυψε: «Η Νταϊάνα και εγώ δεν συζητήσαμε ποτέ εκτενώς τη σεξουαλικότητά μου, αλλά ήταν γνωστό μεταξύ μας. Ας το παραδεχτούμε: Έκανα υπέροχες ανθοσυνθέσεις, διάλεγα τα ρούχα της και της έδινα συμβουλές. Όλες οι ενδείξεις ήταν εκεί και ήταν μια έξυπνη κυρία».

Συχνό πρόσωπο σε ριάλιτι της τηλεόρασης

Και είναι δίκαιο να πούμε ότι ο Μπάρελ έχει προσελκύσει τα φώτα της δημοσιότητας – κυρίως γράφοντας πολλά βιβλία για τις εμπειρίες του με τη βασιλική οικογένεια. Έχει, επίσης, γίνει τακτικό τηλεοπτικό πρόσωπο σε ριάλιτι, εμφανιζόμενος σε εκπομπές όπως το Celebrity Big Brother και το U.K.’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! καθώς και ως κριτής στο «Αυστραλιανή Πριγκίπισσα». Ο πρώην μπάτλερ είναι κάτι σαν ειδικός, λοιπόν, ως κάποιος που είχε πραγματική εικόνα για το πώς λειτουργεί η βασιλική οικογένεια.

Λαμβάνοντας τα κουτσομπολιά

Αυτό έκανε τον Μπάρελ έναν τέλειο βασιλικό ανταποκριτή για το βρετανικό πρωινό τηλεοπτικό σόου Lorraine. Ανέλαβε αυτόν τον ρόλο τις μέρες που προηγήθηκαν του γάμου του Χάρι και της Μέγκαν και σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες, η σχέση του με τη μητέρα του γαμπρού έπαιξε καθοριστικό ρόλο στην απόκτηση της δουλειάς. Στοιχηματίζουμε ότι οι παραγωγοί ήλπιζαν για μερικά ζουμερά μυστικά – και ο Μπάρελ θα το έκανε τελικά.

Έχει αμφιβολίες

Στην πραγματικότητα, ο Μπάρελ δεν έχει σταματήσει να λέει τη γνώμη του για τον Δούκα και τη Δούκισσα του Sussex από τότε. Σε μια συνέντευξη για το βρετανικό ντοκιμαντέρ του 2019 Kate v Meghan: Princesses at War?, ο πρώην βασιλικός υπηρέτης περιέγραψε τη σταρ του Suits ως μια «δυνατή και ανεξάρτητη γυναίκα». Ωστόσο, εξακολουθούσε να έχει αμφιβολίες για το αν η Μέγκαν θα ταίριαζε στον πριγκιπικό της ρόλο.

Σφοδρή αλλαγή

«Η Μέγκαν παντρεύτηκε την πιο παραδοσιακή οικογένεια της χώρας: τη βασιλική οικογένεια», εξήγησε ο Μπάρελ. Στη συνέχεια άρχισε να κάνει συγκρίσεις με τη γυναίκα που υπηρέτησε για μια ολόκληρη δεκαετία, προσθέτοντας: «Πώς θα τα βγάλει πέρα; Η πριγκίπισσα Νταϊάνα μεγάλωσε σε ένα σπίτι που ήταν τόσο μεγάλο όσο το Παλάτι του Μπάκιγχαμ και ακόμη και αυτή είχε χαθεί».

Αφιλόξενη οικογένεια

Ο Μπάρελ μάλιστα – σωστά – πρότεινε ότι η Μέγκαν θα βρισκόταν σε μπελάδες αν δεν συμμορφωνόταν με το βασιλικό πρωτόκολλο. Είπε, «Το παλάτι του Μπάκιγχαμ είναι ναρκοπέδιο για όποιον μπαίνει εκεί για πρώτη φορά. Οι άνθρωποι έστησαν παγίδες, [και] δεν ήταν πολύ ευγενικοί με αυτό το νεαρό κορίτσι που ήρθε στον κόσμο τους. Ποιος θα ήθελε να γίνει μέλος αυτής της οικογένειας;»

Συμβουλευτικά Λόγια

Αλλά για να βοηθήσει τη Μέγκαν να αντιμετωπίσει τις δοκιμασίες και τα προβλήματα του να είναι κανείς βασιλικό πρόσωπο, ο Μπάρελ της πρόσφερε μερικά λόγια σοφίας. Της συνέστησε να γνωρίσει το πιο σημαντικό μέλος της οικογένειας: τη γιαγιά του Χάρι, τη Βασίλισσα. Ο φερόμενος ως έμπιστος της Νταϊάνα συμβούλεψε, επίσης, τη Μέγκαν να είναι όσο το δυνατόν πιο κοντά στον νέο της σύζυγο. Και πρότεινε τι θα είχε να πει η ίδια η Νταϊάνα για τη δούκισσα.

Ο μπέμπης Άρτσι

Σε μια έκδοση του Μαΐου 2019 του Good Morning Britain, για παράδειγμα, του ζητήθηκε να πει τη γνώμη του σχετικά με τη γέννηση του γιου του Χάρι και της Μέγκαν, Άρτσι. Στη συνέχεια, ενώ απάντησε σε μια ερώτηση σχετικά με το πώς η Νταϊάνα θα είχε λάβει το τέταρτο εγγόνι της, απάντησε: «Θα ήταν στο στοιχείο της, έτσι δεν είναι; [Η μητέρα της Μέγκαν] η Ντόρια δε θα έριχνε δεύτερη ματιά. Θα ήταν ενθουσιασμένη για λίγο».

Οι αξίες της Νταϊάνα

Και δεν ήταν μόνο αυτό. Τον Οκτώβριο του 2019 ο Μπάρελ προσκλήθηκε στο πλατό του Good Morning Britain μετά τη βρετανική τηλεοπτική πρεμιέρα του Harry and Meghan: An African Journey. Στο ντοκιμαντέρ, ο Δούκας του Σάσεξ αποκαλύπτει γιατί νιώθει την ανάγκη να είναι τόσο προστατευτικός για την οικογένειά του, εξηγώντας: «Η μαμά μου μου δίδαξε ξεκάθαρα ένα συγκεκριμένο σύνολο αξιών, τις οποίες πάντα θα εφαρμόζω και θα υποστηρίζω – παρά τον ρόλο και τη δουλειά που αυτό μερικές φορές συνεπάγεται, αν καταλαβαίνετε τι εννοώ».

Δεν επαναλαμβάνεται το παρελθόν

Ο Χάρι συνέχισε, «Όλα όσα πέρασε [η Νταϊάνα] και αυτό που της συνέβη είναι απίστευτα νωπά κάθε μέρα. Και δεν είμαι παρανοϊκός. απλά δε θέλω να επαναληφθεί το παρελθόν. Και αν κάποιος άλλος ήξερε αυτά που ήξερα – είτε είναι πατέρας, είτε σύζυγος, είτε οποιοσδήποτε – πιθανότατα θα έκανε ακριβώς αυτό που κάνω κι εγώ».








2010年的溫布爾登網球公開賽上,一個臺灣男人擊敗了美國名將羅迪克, 殺入八強,重新書寫了臺灣乃至亞洲的網球歷史。他就是盧彥勳。他曾經擊敗過科利亞、 穆雷、加斯奎特、納爾班迪安等眾多世界名將,也曾帶隊奪得了亞洲霍普曼杯網球賽的冠軍,可以稱得上是刷新亞洲網球歷史了。




很多人不知道,臺灣體育史上第一個奪得奧運會金牌的女運動員,是一位跆拳道運動員,而且她曾在年僅15歲的時候就奪得過世界杯冠軍,難怪被稱為天才少女。她還有一個稱號叫“檳榔西施”,因為青春期叛逆的她曾在16歲那年離家出走,三年裏擺過地攤、賣過檳榔,甚至當過酒吧女郎,如果不是父愛感召她重回正路,世界體壇就要損失一個優秀的運動員了。在2004年雅典奧運會女子 49公斤級跆拳道比賽中,她擊敗古巴名將迪亞斯奪得金牌,載入了臺灣的體育史冊。